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If you're an existing business owner or opening a new company, you may want to consider the advantages of forming a corporation. A corporation is a legal entity that has many of the same rights a person does, which adds a layer of security to you and anyone else who invests time or resources into your enterprise.

One of the most important benefits to forming a corporation is limited liability.

If your company is the subject of a lawsuit, legal claim, or is unfortunate enough to one day face bankruptcy, limited liability can protect your personal assets from these and other hazards that may arise as you do business.

Incorporating your business can also make your company more attractive to outside investors, enabling you to efficiently raise capital for your venture.

By starting a corporation you may, furthermore, save money on taxes and have greater flexibility to operate and grow your business in response to changes in the market. Regardless of the size of your business today, starting a corporation is a great way to prepare for the success of tomorrow.

Still wondering if forming a corporation is a good direction for your business? Check out our LEARNING CORNER just below, to learn the differences between launching a corporation and starting your own LLC.

There are many steps to forming a corporation, but we can help you incorporate for less and much faster than anyone else. Our standard rate for this service includes everything you will need to have your corporation up and running for the first year.

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