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Our Approach To Your Success

Getting to know you is the only way we can recommend a way forward, to build upon what you have already accomplished. This will give us clear understanding of your unique goals and expectations for the future. Becoming acquainted with your investment temperament, your current asset allocation and its protection, Insurance policies, Wills, Trust, other Legal documents and current tax situations and their coordination with each other, are a few examples of how we begin to build your strategy.

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Design - Investment and Planning Recommendations.

To be successful with your investments, we need a well-defined, efficiently built portfolio that combines your desire to take risk with a well-diversified non-correlated targeted multiple asset allocation.

At this meeting we present our analysis of your current financial situation, and our recommendations for how we can help you bridge any gaps. You will learn about the fees you are paying, including possible hidden fees, the diversification or possible lack there of your current portfolio and the risk analysis you are taking to see if this truly lines up with your investment temperament. We use our proprietary Case Design Pro software to illustrate your total assets in a simple and easy to understand format. The reporting allows us to create a comprehensive yet simple income plan that lets our clients understand how they are going to generate the income needed to meet their income needs in retirement. We are able to take into account Social Security, RMD's, Dividend Income, Rental income, Inheritance and virtually any other type of circumstance one may financially have. This written Roadmap Action Plan forms the foundation of our work together.

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Mutual Commitment to Work Together.

With a Financial Roadmap plan in hand, if everything makes sense and you are ready to move forward, we are also ready to implement the various investment strategies, platforms and asset allocation designed within the Roadmap. At this meeting, we make this mutual decision to work together toward achieving the goals that are important to you and your family. We complete the application documents necessary to put your investment plan into action. We will begin the process to build upon your desires for the settling of your Estate and other legal document options that are appropriate for you and your loved ones, because life happens and we want you to be prepared. Upon your request, we will direct you to a highly qualified attorney to draft any legal documents consistent with your wishes. Furthermore, through our analysis of your tax situation we often find clients are overpaying needlessly or not getting all the deductions they could be and are entitled to. If we find this to be the case, we will discuss its implications, illustrate any benefits that could occur if changed and should you desire, refer you to highly qualified CPA for their direction.

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Evaluate & Rebalance for Progress

No one has a magic crystal ball that tells the future. Financial markets and the economy overall are ever changing, and so are our clients' financial situations and goals.  We do hope to be your advisors for life. Our advisory process works because it is adaptable, moldable and dynamic. Ongoing, we help our clients keep track of their progress. With regular meetings, phone calls, webinars and client appreciation events, we will help make adjustments as the economic environment changes as well as if our clients' lives and goals change to help our clients stay on track toward their goals.

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