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Prestige Financial Advisors is proud to officially join The Document People in an effort to further assist our clients needs. We are a directory of independently owned stores that share a common purpose: helping customers represent themselves. By doing so, customers usually save 50-70% off the typical fees and costs.

The main difference between our service and online services is that we are there for you every step of the way, and you get to talk to an actual person, in person. A personal touch can go a long way for matters as important as legal matters.

We are Paralegals and Legal Document Assistant with a bond and a license filed at the County Recorder where we do business. We assist people in uncontested legal matters who choose to do it themselves (in pro per) by preparing documents to court standards. We are not lawyers, we cannot represent you in court, or advise you of your legal rights. We do have expedited access to a local attorney, if you have legal questions.


Legal Separation
Guardianship of a Minor
Adoption Stepparent

Child Support
Child Custody
Notice of Motion


Evictions *

Name Change

Order to Show Cause
Stipulation and Order
Travel Permission Letter

Promissory Note
Deed of Trust

Small Claims
Wage Garnishment 


Fictitious Business Name
Mechanic's Lien

Buy-Sell Agreement
Partnership Agreement

* At Select Locations


Living Trust
Living Will
Power of Attorney


Immigration *



We have been around since the '90s. When it comes to legal documents, experience does matter!

We don't charge by the hour. One flat fee covers it all – know upfront what you spend.

No matter how much marketing we do, the majority of our new customers comes from referrals. That should tell you something!

Take the stress out of the equation. Let a professional handle your legal matters.

“I Should Have Come here first!” – That's a line we hear all the time. And it's true, to know us is to love us!

We are independently owned. No corporate red tape here. Call one of the stores in our directory, and chances are the owner will pick up the phone. We care about what we do, and it shows: check out our 5 stars Yelp reviews.

We can do business in person, or over the phone and via e-mail. Choose the way you prefer to handle your legal matters. No matter how, you'll be happy you did business with us!

Still not convinced!? Call us or visit us and ask us questions. We are here to help!



How do I know my documents will be done right?

We have successfully completed literally thousands of divorces. If the court ever needs additional paperwork, or revisions, we will take care of those for you at no additional cost. We have filed deeds in all 50 States. We have incorporated businesses in all 50 States. Hundreds of customers over the years have trusted us with their estate planning. Done right or your money back. That's our pledge.

How much will I spend?

For some services we charge a flat fee no matter what (living trusts, quitclaim deeds, bankruptcies, etc.). For others – such as divorces – we charge a flat fee based upon your situation. Please contact us and we'll give you a quote for us to take care of all your paperwork from beginning to end. Know what you spend upfront; we don't bill by the hour.

I want to file for divorce. Why you and not some online service?

Online services will fill out the court forms and wish you good luck. If that's what you want, you can go to the court and fill out the forms for free. What you get from The Document People is the peace of mind to know it's done right. We take care of the initial petition, serving of the spouse by mail or in person at the store, the marital settlement agreement and final judgment. We even go to court for you. Take the guessing out of the equation, and let a professional take care of your court matters.

How can I make sure my Living Trust will “stand” in court?

The Document People stores chose to have an attorney draft our living trusts. We choose to do it this way so that the utmost care is taken in crafting an estate plan that you can trust. Estate planning is too important to take shortcuts...
For one flat fee, we include living trust, will, financial power of attorney, medical directive and notary. Shop around; we are confident you won't able to find the same high quality services at a better price.

I'm confused about what to do. Can you give me legal advice?

We are not attorneys, so we cannot give legal advice. However, we have a network of attorneys we work with who can consult with you, and advice you on the legal matters you are facing. We also have local CPAs who can guide you through the sometimes confusing first steps to opening a business.

Will you help me fill out the proper forms for my divorce?

We do so much more than that! No matter what the service you need is, we will prepare the proper paperwork, file your case with the Court, and keep you informed throughout the process. 99% of our customers never have to go to court for their divorce. Remember, as long as it's uncontested, we can help!

The Document People were very professional, and easy to work with. I had a living trust completed in a week, and it was 1/4 the cost of an attorney! I saved $1,500 by coming here!

-George A.

I incorporated at The Document People and my experience was more than positive. I left with my corporate book, the tax number, stock certificate and went straight to the bank to open the account.  

-Erin V.

I highly recommend The Document People to everyone who needs help with their legal documents. Their service was excellent and very professional, which made the process of my divorce fast and easy. 

-Mark J.


Our biggest source of referrals are
existing customers.

We don't bill by the hour.
Know what you spend upfront.

We have filed documents in all 50 States.
Done right or your money back.

For more detailed information regarding The Document People services and locations be sure to visit www.DocumentPeople.net


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